I haven’t posted here how I’d like to because WordPress made changes to the platform, specifically to writing posts, and I don’t adapt well to changes to blogging platforms. I’m fairly easy going with a lot of other things but not when it comes to how I write and share… just one little area where I don’t want to put in the effort to learn a new system.

But I love blogging and lately my kids have been asking me dozens of questions about their past and while mostly we look through scrapbooks and photo books it’s easier to have that search bar to type in exactly what they asked…

Oh you want to see the time it snowed in Arizona… “snowed in Arizona,” boom… you can see that here.

Oh you want to see what “Sierra looked like as a baby.

Oh you want to hear about when “scorpions” used to get in our house in Arizona.

So I’ve been wanting to pick this blog up again in a consistent way, for their sakes. And for mine. There is therapy in going back and reading from my past self. Listening and seeing my old life from my old perspective.

I’m just going to jump right back into it because there is no easy way for me to transition from not blogging to blogging!

Everett is starting to do handwriting and learning to read (his birthday is in November so he’ll be in kindergarten this next fall, I just wanted to give him a head start) and I’ve noticed he’s been starting to hold his pencils with his entire hand in a fist just like Payson used to so I bought some items on Amazon to help with that. 002efbblog009efbblog012efbblog013efbblog

One day I spotted Lyla on the couch with some stuffed animals pretending to nurse.043efbblog

It was the first time she’d ever pretended to breastfeed a toy.051efbblog

Most days I hold Lyla on my hip as I cook but sometimes I wear her in the ergo when I really need to hands to make something.A (22)efbblog

Lyla climbing the recliner.A (51)efbblog

We eat in the living room on this mat sometimes and I read home school books to the kids.A (70)efbblog

Lyla is still making nonstop messes. I don’t blame her, we’ve been trapped inside for most of the last three months!A (83)efbblog

I had to drop of some legal documents at my lawyer’s office and they said if they weren’t in to just slide them through the slot in the door, or whatever that’s called. 288ebwblog298efbblog

I got another rug. My youngest four love to run laps around the kitchen counter and it’s so loud. 008efbblog

I work in the kitchen a whole lot.027efbblog

We eat scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast every single day.033efbblog

We had some chicken nuggets and ketchup with dinner this night and Lyla had fun fingerpainting her plate.058efbblog

I have a few hundred more photos but I need to go make breakfast because all these kiddos are waking up and wanting food! I’ll try to blog again tomorrow!062efbblog

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