My Apartment “Tour!”

So it took me a full month to unpack and decorate my apartment and ever since it’s been an ongoing project to figure out how to really live in this tiny space with 7 people! Seven people in 1,100 square feet!

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I had to buy some new furniture for this little space. The furniture I had in my house was giant and never would have fit here. It was nice to start over with new stuff anyway, try to forget the past type of thing. Make new memories in this new life as a single mom. d (2)eblog

Oh my gosh I spent hours researching furniture for my space! I found furniture in so many different places. I tried to buy mostly from Amazon because the shipping from Amazon can’t be beat (2 days?! YES) but I did have to get a couple things from other places.

If you want to find these things I’ve linked where I found them below! Click on the name of the item. (Amazon links are affiliate links, all others are not)

The taupe sofa is from WalMart.

The small aqua loveseat is from Amazon. (And I love it so freaking much!)

The area rug and pad are both from Amazon. And if you’re worried about noise then even though the area rug is gorgeous, the gorilla grip pad has been really necessary. It has been worth every penny to me in helping the noise levels in here and also for comfort. I found the area rug on Wayfair first but it was cheaper on Amazon by a whole lot!

The mini brown recliner was from Home Goods. (sorry no link, I found it in store!)

The gold poof and the cloth floor pillow and its cover and the sheepskin rugs are from Amazon, too. The gold poof is one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought. It’s so pretty and it’s more useful than I even imagined! My kids love sitting on that thing! They even pick it up (it’s heavy and hefty) and carry it all around the apartment to play with it or use it for a chair! There is also this gorgeous brown leather one I have my eye on. As soon as I can afford it I’m buying it for my bedroom! It’s so freaking pretty. As far as the round cloth floor pillow, my kids loved it but it wasn’t my favorite and I ended up giving it to Goodwill. It seemed to get flat really easily and was basically a giant pillow… so if you want that then you’d like it. I preferred something with structure to sit on.

I found pillow sets online, too. The world map ones are still available but the colorful one isn’t available anymore. Here are the throw blankets: the cream colored one and the bright pink one. I super love, love, love the cream colored one but I am not a big fan of the bright pink one and gave it to Sierra. She loves it, though!d (4)fbblog

The view of my kitchen. It’s tiny, huh?

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I slid this shelf with all our scrapbooks under the bar counter instead of getting barstools and am glad about that since Lyla would likely just ransack the counter anyway. The baskets on top of the shelf hold all of our “car” things. If you have kids you need to have a bunch of little things you take with you everywhere, if you want I can do a separate post on what I bring with me to take care of six kids on the go. Let me know in the comments.d (9)fbblog

I didn’t do a lot with my kitchen at first. d (11)fbblog

This is used mostly as a homeschool space instead of eating, though we do both here! I’ve finally finished setting this area up and will post separately about it soon! I got my desk and office chair at WalMart and the long corner desk (that I adore SO much) right here at Amazon. The bench is from Amazon as well! (I couldn’t find a link to my desk and office chair, sorry. I love this gold and white desk and this white and walnut office chair though! )d (12)fbblog

This shows my full counters. I never have a lot of space, they’re usually more cluttered than this, too. haha. I got everything on my counter from Fred Meyer and Home Goods. Fred Meyer had this amazing 70% off sale a few months back and I got most of these items for under $10 each!d (13)fbblog

I’m really lucky that the hall in my apartment is really wide and I can fit two giant shelves in here! One shelf holds all our homeschool stuff and the other holds more of our family photo albums! Both shelves I got at WalMart.

The easy to use wall ledges are on Amazon. I have rebought those a couple times because I love them so much. They use 3m strips! Easy on and easy off! The link I included takes you to a page with a couple options, 4″ and 21″. These photo ledges in the picture are clearly the 21″ ones (one per order, you don’t get two when you order!) but I have bought three sets of the 4″ ones as well! They are holding up amazing. I have a heavy jar with dry erase markers on one of the little 4″ ones and it hasn’t budged a bit. I love these wall ledges, obviously. I’d buy a whole lot more if I had more money!d (23)fbblog

The little kids love running up and down this hall so I bought a really thick rug from Amazon. It’s so thick this one didn’t even need the extra pad that I had to get for the area rug in the living room!

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My laundry room is filled up! I use it for extra storage by having a shelf and loading every spare bit of space up with stuff! I got these hanging vertical laundry hampers from Costco!

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This shelf holds our art supplies and my personal books. d (32)efbblog

Payson and Ember sorta share a room. Ember mostly likes to sleep at the foot of my bed or on a cot in my room or snuggled right up in the queen with me, Everett, and Lyla so mostly just both their toys are in here and Payson sleeps here. Ember’s clothes are kept in my room, too. But this is their play space and they love it.d (33)efbblog

All the canvases you see in here are from WalMart! I actually have been pretty happy with the quality there and mostly happy with the price and that they print these in ONE day! What the heck? Seriously! It’s awesome.d (35)efbblog

So, that’s that! My apartment! It’s been a super interesting experience going from a large house to a tiny apartment. Going from being a married woman to a single mom. Going from stay at home mom to stay at home mom PLUS work at home mom. It’s insane and busy and an absolute adventure every single day. I feel like I’m an explorer now. Every day I’m figuring out a brand new life. I’ve learned and I’ve grown a whole lot. It’s been really difficult. But it’s been good. Changing is good.

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Again, anything from Amazon is linked using an affiliate link so hopefully I get something back if you purchase through those! I just barely signed up for that program and if it goes well I’ll tell you more about it in the future! It’s a boatload of work tracking down all those items I bought this last summer so I hope you use the links if you want to purchase! Those are items I personally had spent hours and hours searching for and then purchasing on my own that I genuinely like and use.
Any other links outside of Amazon aren’t affiliate links 🙂

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