The End of 2018 Update!

Hi guys! It’s been forever, huh? I needed to take a break from socializing online to cope with my new life! I know you understand: divorce, becoming a single mom, moving, starting a new job, starting online classes, and still homeschooling- I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning. I didn’t have any energy for sharing online.

I could never do 4 months worth of blog posts to catch up so I put together a pretty decent collection of pictures for this post to let you know what we’ve been up to. SO much has happened! Not even ten percent will be shown here but it’s the best I can do. I have a few separate posts planned for the rest of this week but for now, get ready for a major update post!

So I mentioned in my last post 4 months ago that we moved or were moving, we did move- to an apartment! It’s small and has been a major adjustment that I’ve been figuring out. I have an entirely separate blog post with an apartment tour ready to go. For now here’s a picture of when we first moved in and didn’t have all our stuff unpacked.023eresizedblog

Ember lost her very first tooth! She’s lost a total of three in the last 3 months and has three more loose!

AF (293)efbblog

Brooklyn turned 15!047efbblog

We moved to a new state so I had to get a new driver’s license.086eresizedblog

We ate at restaurants quite a few times during the first couple months.112efblittleblog

Our apartment has a pool. Yay!003eblog

And a playground!A (84)eresizedblog

We went to the lake many times. I could live at the lake ♥A (95)ceresizedblog

We went to the park a whole lot, too.d (6)efbblogc (75)efbblogc (81)efbblogc (99)efbblog

We had to go back to our old house a lot before it sold.d (126)eresizedblog

I finally got the apartment unpacked and decorated!d (2)eytblog

Brooklyn started high school!

F (12)efbblog

We went to a lot of doctor checkups.F (42)efbblog

Sierra started 7th grade!F (85)efbblog

The kids settled into our new apartment.F (100)efbblog

I got a couple boxes of curriculum from the local public/home school school Payson and Ember go to. (That’s another separate post coming!)F (132)efbblogH (13)efbblog

Payson and Ember had their first day of 5th and 2nd grade. (They go once a week)H (54)efbblog

Everett had his checkup for his fingers and how they’re healing since his surgery in 2014. I will post here and on my syndactyly blog all about that soon but for now- everything is looking great!B (195)efbblogB (147)efbblog

We went to quite a few movies! It’s one of our favorite things to do for family fun.B (460)cefbblog

It was a lot of trial and error getting Lyla a new car seat when she outgrew her bucket seat. A (12)efbblog

The kids had a STEM event at school.A (45)efbblog

Brooklyn and Sierra had an appointment with an eye doctor and had their eyes dilated. (Both girls have perfect vision)A (102)efbblogA (108)efbblog


My phone was ancient and finally stopped working so I replaced it. I had to get my own phone account through Verizon after divorce anyway so it was good timing.A (157)efbblog

Ember turned 8!E (55)efbblog

Our apartment neighbors under us complain constantly about the noise my kids make (long story) so I went to look at a bunch of rental houses.B (24)efbblog

I couldn’t find anything I could afford that was available so to solve the noise problem we spend most of the day out of the apartment, homeschooling in the quiet places we can find around town.B (67)efbblogB (78)efbblog

We celebrated Halloween!084efbblog

Everett turned 5!n (20)efbblog

We went on a couple road trips to visit my family. Traveling with six kids seems like a lot of work and it is but I love it so much!265efbblog

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving alone with the kids. My sister hosted our whole family and cooked the meal. She’s amazing. She also took this picture of me and my kids that I love.116eblog

I took all six kids black Friday sales shopping and got much needed clothes for everyone!349efbblog580efbblog

There was a huge storm coming through the pass on the road trip home but we made it just before it rolled in!748efbshareblog

Lots and lots and lots of grocery shopping trips.03 (5)efbblog

We decorated the Christmas tree.784 (25)efbshareblog

Lyla is still breastfeeding. She’s 2 1/2 now.072e2fbshareblog

Payson wanted to grow his hair out and did for months and when he was finally ready to trim the sides I was excited! He’s SO handsome!277efbblog

Christmas eve I was up until 4am wrapping presents! Lyla woke up several times and  putting her back to bed took quite a while! After I’d wrapped for hours I sat and stared at the tree and cried. It’s been an emotional year.083efbblog097efbblog

Christmas morning!


And that brings us to today! New Year’s Eve. What a year it’s been.

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon.

One thought on “The End of 2018 Update!

  • It was definitely an understandable break from blogging…but so nice to see all these wonderful photos and get caught up on some of the latest happenings with you & your kids. How is it possible that they have grown so much in these few short months?!? Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope your new year is off to an equally great start! Wishing you all the happiness your heart can hold & many blessings in this brand new year!

    ~ Chere

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