POOR Everett!!!

Everett was sitting at the counter on a barstool with his legs tucked under him and his feet through the bars on the back. He fell backwards on the chair and his poor legs got squished in the bars!!! The worst part is I wasn’t even home! I was at therapy and I didn’t hear about his injury and tears until the next day when it was bath time and I noticed his bruised up legs! I was shocked and went to find Allan and show him and he told me about the barstool fall and I was so sad for poor Everett! It looks like it was so painful and I was told that he cried a lot. I asked him if his legs still hurt and he said they didn’t. I ended up taking pictures just to show him his bruises because he asked to see what they looked like. And so, I have these photos to show and this was over a month ago so he’s all healed up and gets a kick out of these pictures now! I still cringe thinking about how much it must have hurt 🙁

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