Bike Love

You guys I’m nervous that my blog during the summer will turn into a big old shrine to bikes! I am so obsessed I can’t even handle myself. haha. It’s all I want to do, it’s my favorite hobby, my kids love it, it’s free (after buying the bike of course) and fun and good exercise and good outside time. Ugh, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!

Brooke and Sierra love having new bikes that they can ride without risking their knees hitting their handlebars!

This is one of our two local neighborhood parks. The kids love this one and call it the “big slide park” because it’s tall with lots of long slides.

My 7th baby:

Before heading home we took some pictures in front of the park.

The kids gathered some little acorns to use to play with their toy trolls.

Ready for the ride home!

Lyla in Ember’s Shoes

One of my favorite things about hand me downs is getting to see my adorable little baby, toddler, or kid in adorable clothes or shoes AND have little memories pop up of their older sibling in those same shoes or clothes 🙂

Lyla is fitting into Ember’s old shoes and Lyla, like Ember, is obsessed with shoes so it’s been just extra, extra fun. AND Ember loves seeing Lyla in all her old stuff so she is tickled about it all, too. And she and Lyla have such a sweet relationship.

Speaking of Ember… here she is with one of her favorite foods on earth: a nutella sandwich. Can you tell she is happy about it?

Everett and Lyla’s Doctor Checkup!

I took the little two to the doctor and oh boy it didn’t go as I expected it to! I really thought it would be pretty smooth because Lyla didn’t need a lot of vaccinations and Everett usually LOVES the doctor and Lyla is becoming much more social lately.

Well. haha. Nope.

It was a challenge for a variety of reasons but mostly because Everett decided that he now hates the doctor’s office and didn’t want to be there. It was unexpected for me to have to struggle with him because usually he loves being at the doctor and having all that attention and talking about his health and body. I guess things have changed!

But, both kids are super healthy and I got an appointment with a specialist to talk about Everett’s hands and some other concerns about him (his teeth, his face structure, and his syndactyly of course!) so it’s looking like he might be getting his next surgery next year. I will find out in September.

Alright, and here are the pictures from the day.