Guess what?!?!

I bought a new camera! My poor 5d mkii, 7 years old, is dying. It has a shutter life span of 150,000 actuations but I found out this week that I have taken… gulp… 231,000 pictures! haha!!! I actually wasn’t surprised but that IS truly a lot! Woah.
The good news for my blog is, I’ll probably start taking photos again! I do take a few with my 80D but that camera is mostly for filming and I’m just not good at using one camera for filming AND photography! Is that weird? I’m actually thinking no. But, expect some pictures and BLOGGING soon!
Also, I have a vlog from this entire last week! I can’t daily vlog, that would be insane and I’m way too busy, but I CAN put all the week’s clips in one vlog and share that. I didn’t film ANY homeschool since I filmed TWO days of homeschool this month already and that was so much work! Homeschool takes all my energy and I can only manage to film during projects we do. Since I’d film that anyway for our family 🙂
So here’s this week’s vlog! We went to a local restaurant that has Greek food (I’m mostly Greek) and it was SO good I’ve been craving it ever since. Seriously how often would be too often to drive over there and get a köylü plate??? (I also found out that köylü is actually Turkish so I love Turkish food, too!)

Just to let you know!

So obviously I don’t daily blog anymore. I just lost the love for it after my written words were used against me in 2015 and can’t get the love back, though I’ve tried! Blogging was my therapy for myself and my extra connection to others for a good 9/10 years. I miss is a lot.
I go to therapy now and am in a support group for spouses going through what I’m going through and that’s been my support and connection and it’s wonderful.
I do still blog sometimes. Once every two months or so seems my average. But I don’t include my thoughts and feelings on what I’m doing when those thoughts and feelings are really personal.
The reason I’m blogging all this is to tell you that though this blog is still updated and you can still follow along, and though it’s not what it used to be but is still a way to keep up with my family… I have started to post daily on youtube and you might like to follow me better on there. I post 5 days a week, which is what I call daily, and am really loving it. It gives you a look at my life and yet I don’t have to sit down and explain myself or my feelings about things… you can just see what’s going on by watching.
I still write a lot but I keep it in my journal 🙂

Anyway, here are the last two videos I made. The first is part one of our Australia homeschool project and the second is part two. I plan on sharing my videos here as well as on youtube so you don’t have to subscribe over there if you don’t want to but it IS helpful to have likes, dislikes, and comments because it tells me what to keep filming and what not to keep filming. So far people seem to prefer when I film myself opening up whatever product I’ve just purchased (called unboxing videos) those are SUPER easy to make and I have fun with them but personally I like making homeschool vlogs. But if others don’t love them I’ll stop because those are a ton of work since I’m homeschooling and have to keep in mind a camera.
So yeah, comment here or comment over on youtube and give me your thoughts! Comments have always, always helped me know what to keep putting out there and what to dial back on.