Ember and Everett’s 6 month dental checkup!



Everett LOVES the dentist! He is so social and loves meeting new people and being the 5th child in our family, he loves attention that’s all his! Which is what appointments like this give him. I love watching him soak in relationships with new people. I’m so thankful for people who are so good at their jobs, too. The people at our dental office are so kind and so good with kids and they truly listen and respond to my kids and I love it.

Ember is the exact same as Everett and loves meeting new people and talking with them. She is loved everywhere she goes because she is so present and genuinely seems to love every single person she ever meets! She is cheerful and happy and sees the good in everyone. I haven’t seen her dislike anyone in her entire 7 year life! It’s incredible!
She also really likes these tokens they give out after the appointment. The kids use their token to get a little toy in coin machines at the front of the office.

Before heading home I took this picture, Lyla was thrilled with that! She LOVES having her picture taken. Everett was actually smiling and looks maybe not thrilled but he was just really just thinking (this is his thinking face) probably about his new toy or that we were heading to McDonald’s after this and that’s his favorite place on earth!

Back at home Everett got into his “goody” bag and played with his toothpaste. I just let him because he had fun and we don’t use that type of toothpaste so it would’ve gone to waste. I cleaned it up right after. He used the whole tube!

So Everett had a perfect checkup, no cavities! I was shocked because his teeth came in with virtually no enamel! I do brush his teeth and have a spinny toothbrush to help but I worry SO MUCH about him getting cavities. Even though he has none this time his dentist suggested having Everett come in every 3 months for cleanings and flouride and I agreed to that because I really don’t want him to have any more dental issues!
On the other hand, Ember did have two teeny cavities right in the same spot in the back of her mouth in a flossing zone. She does a great job brushing so we just need to have her make sure to floss those back molars a bit better.
The very next morning we were back in the office to get her cavities filled.

I took very few pictures and filmed very little because I didn’t want to be bothering her with a camera in her face instead of just being there for her while she had that painful stuff done! She did want me to take a couple pictures so she could see what she looked like with all the stuff on her face and in her mouth.

She did really great. She did not like that process but she was so brave. And yay for another token and little toy! She picked the same thing as the day before, these squishy little animal toys.

And if you want to see a short video of what I did film from those two appointments, here one is: