I Got Glasses!

My vision changed for the first time after I had Payson 9 years ago. I noticed things further away getting blurry. I went to an optometrist and was told that vision changes during pregnancy and right after are normal and my vision would likely return to normal within a year or so postpartum so I decided to wait on getting any glasses.
Sure enough, my vision went back to normal. Then I had Ember and had the same issue, but it went back to normal. Then I had Everett and the same issue and I don’t really remember if it went back to normal after him… that was a rough time in my life that’s a blur in general so I just don’t remember but I’m guessing it went back to normal because I don’t remember thinking about my vision at all. Then I had Lyla and my vision was so much different after her birth! Oh my gosh things were blurrier than ever before and I waited until she was a year old and nothing changed. Then she hit 16 months and no change. Then she hit 17 months and no change and I thought… I’m sick of this. I can barely drive at night and it’s getting dangerous… I need to get glasses. If only just for driving at night.
And so I scheduled an appointment with an optometrist and went. The experience of having my eyes tested was crazy!! They used this machine that gives them a head start on where your vision is and when I sat down in the optometrist’s exam chair she had already set up some lenses with a prescription that was close to what I need. She pulled up a chart and tried a couple different lens settings (I don’t know how all that works, just that there were different settings or lenses) and we settled on whatever we settled on. Then she asked if I wanted to see the chart with no lenses. I said yeah, of course! I want to see how different my regular vision is from these lenses. Since I sat down with the lenses already set up I didn’t have a reference to compare to what I would’ve seen without lenses. She took the lenses away. I was prepared for a slight difference… maybe things would get slightly more fuzzy?
I was shocked when I couldn’t even read half the lines on the chart anymore!! Oh my gosh, I was seriously speechless! I just sat there, my brain was struggling to make sense of this new information that my vision was WAY worse than I thought! haha! I felt a little self conscious about it!
Long story short, I got a new prescription and went and picked out lenses and then a week later the call came that they were ready and I excitedly headed to the store to get them and be able to SEE!

So yeah, here are my glasses! All my kids were so excited about this whole process and wanted to try on my glasses and see what they looked like and what mom was going to see. They were extremely fascinated. It was fun.

So my experience with getting the glasses on was really overwhelming. I put them on and pulled them right back off in shock! I could not BELIEVE the world around me. I could SEE things! I could see things clearly that were ten, fifteen, twenty, fifty feet away!!! Oh my gosh, wait… is this what other people are seeing?!?! All the time?!?! Is this what I used to be able to see?! I can’t even remember being able to see what I was seeing. How long had the world around me been blurry without me even knowing?!
I could see strangers’ faces when they were 15 feet away!
It was overwhelming in a store to experience that but driving home was one of the best experiences of my life! I could see everything!! It was a beautiful, beautiful world! Oh my gosh you guys if you’ve never had blurry vision you don’t know what you have right in front of you! The world is amazing!! Buildings, trees, rivers, sidewalks, lights… it’s not a big blur, it’s beautiful! The littlest things caught my eye and amazed me! I could SEE it all well enough before but not how it really is. It was life changing. I can’t describe it well enough but it was one of the best days of my life. It was a gift and everything felt wonderful and special and precious.

So here is my new face with glasses. It’s taken a lot of getting used to to see myself differently like this.

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