When Kids Are Bored

If you have a toddler and haven’t heard of this trick, try it! You just give them some colored paper (regular construction works best) and some water and a paintbrush and they “paint” on the paper with the water. They can’t tell a difference between the water darkening the paper and using real paint! It’s a mess free fun time for babies/toddlers!

Lyla saying “cheese” again.

And for the older kids we’re having daily outside time whether they want to or not. They need to burn off their energy and have some fresh air!

Lyla got sick of painting after maybe 3 minutes (that short toddler attention span!) and watched the other kids from inside. And yeah, she had time outside too but I didn’t take pictures.

I have no idea where Everett’s winter hat went so he used Ember’s old hat.

Lyla saw me taking pictures and came over saying, “Cheeeeeeese!”

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