Searching for Project Life Stuff

Where I live there is almost no supply of Project Life stuff in local craft stores. I check Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and JoAnn stores with no luck.
But they DO have lots of holiday craft kits so we got those instead!

The kids loved the Santas in the store and looked at the name list he was holding, hoping to find theirs.

Before heading to the next place we took a picture and Everett is crying because he’s scared of parking lots and wants be to hold him. I like that he’s scared of them because he always stays right next to me and holds my hand! It’s awesome! He’s my first child to willingly stay by my side in a parking lot!
He was crying because he was nervous that I was going to let go of his hand and wanted reassurance that I wasn’t! Poor guy. I ended up holding him, actually.

At the next craft store in search of Project Life, again no luck so we got some winter hats instead!

There wasn’t a mirror there so that’s why there are so many pictures! I was using them to see what the hats looked like on me and to show Brookyln and Sierra what they looked like 🙂

All my kids want glasses. Not because they need them, just for the style. haha

Brooklyn and Sierra got the hats but I passed. I didn’t like the way they looked on me but they are SO cute on the girls!

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