Everett’s 4th Birthday!

Everett LOVES Paw Patrol so we got mostly Paw Patrol decorations and toys!

He was so excited for his birthday! He’d been talking about turning 4 for months beforehand!

So excited, in fact, that right after I took those pictures above he just started tearing into his presents! haha

He got this elephant flashlight that trumpets when it opens its mouth and Everett named it his screaming elephant. haha! I love my son.

I loved how he would just admire the wrapping paper on the presents and ooh and aah over the bigger ones before opening them!

His favorite present was this giant pack of Paw Patrol figures!

He still LOVES trains and train tracks so I got him a new set.

It was a BIG hit!

Then it was time for cake!! I got him a Paw Patrol cake and thoughtful Ember had picked out some Paw Patrol cake decorations the week before so we had a LOT of Paw Patrol decorations on that cake! Everett was thrilled!!

Oh and the kids got Trolls figures blind bags instead of goody bags which caused SO much excitement! I’ll post a video of their reactions sometime. (Or I won’t because I’m busy. haha)

“Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Evereeeeett, Happy Birthday to youuuuu!”

He got the piece of cake with Chase and Ryder on it!

They had a blast playing with their cake decorations.

Before the daylight completely went away Allan and I took him outside to snap some birthday pictures.

And then we got a few of him and mom and him and dad. He was LOVING it! I think it’s safe to say this was his best day ever!!

Whispering in his ear makes him laugh like crazy because he’s ticklish. I kept whispering, “Wow, you’re 4 now!” really quietly which makes him laugh the most! 🙂

And dad and son ♥

Everett is actually pretty scared of heights so he was clinging to Allan a lot. I snapped these in like five seconds while he was on Allan’s shoulders. I’ll have to ask Allan what he was giggling about… Allan was making him laugh 🙂


And then I got these awesome pictures of Allan showing Everett how to show that he’s four.

Yep, got this picture. haha!!

And then one with mom and dad!

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