New Felt and Bathroom Cleaning Day!

Everett was being so cute with Lyla in the store. He kept playing with her feet and she’d giggle ♥

We bought a bunch of felt because the kids love making things for their Trolls toys out of felt and hot glue!

Later on at home Lyla helped clean the bathroom. She LOVES to find baby wipes or flushable wipes and clean stuff around the house. It’s so flipping cute!

And Everett loves to weigh himself often and announce with pride, “I’m 38!”

One thought on “New Felt and Bathroom Cleaning Day!

  • Hot glue guns are awesome! It is soooo fun to watch the kids make things. I wished I took more pictures because now my two girls who were making a bunch of things for their Breyer horses are no longer playing with horses 🙁 The time goes so quickly. I think it is awesome that you have pictures of these everyday things. It will be a wonderful treasure for all of you!

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