Kids on the porch swing.

One of Ember’s favorite foods:

Allan and the kids had built a huge snowman together when it snowed earlier this week. When the snow all melted there was still a pretty big pile of it! The kids played on that pile.

Poor Sierra fell right as I was taking pictures!

Next up we went to Fred Meyer for groceries and the second we got there Everett had to pee. He’s never peed in a public bathroom before! He was terrified. He begged me to take him home but home would’ve taken another 30 minutes and I knew he’d pee his pants!
We were forced to face the scary potty (those darn loud flushes are terrifying for him!)
Luckily I had found this awesome product that is a giant toilet cover. I keep them in my backpack (which is what I use for a diaper bag) for outings like this one. You know if you have a toddler or preschooler sometimes when they sit on the toilet they basically hug it with their whole bodies because the toilet is SO much bigger than they are and then you get a kid who has touched like 90% of the surface area of a toilet in which a thousand people pooped all over? Sick. This solves that!

Poor Everett told me he was mad at me for taking him in there. I squatted down and gave him a pep talk before putting him on the potty and reassured him and he cheered up.

We went to look at the Christmas stuff. And I didn’t take any more pictures that day!

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