Just Hanging out in My Room

Everett loves wearing his Paw Patrol costume, especially the hat from it! He also likes to put it on Lyla and Lyla loves when he does. Everett laughs and laughs and calls her Chase and she, giddy from the attention, smiles and struts around the room showing off.

Ember got an eyelash in her eye.

My phone is dead almost all the time because Lyla is obsessed with taking it off the charger and carrying it around the house.

This boy loves getting a chance to cuddle with me. Lyla usually pushes him off my lap and yells at him when he tries. He misses sitting on my lap 🙁

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    • He had cavities on those two and his dentist recommended pulling them instead of filling them. He doesn’t have almost any enamel on his teeth and is going to be super prone to cavities. There’s a lot more to the story, a lot more testing needing to be done about genetic issues because his jaw structure is odd and his teeth are a LOT smaller than normal teeth. But we don’t have those answers yet.

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