Kids on the porch swing.

One of Ember’s favorite foods:

Allan and the kids had built a huge snowman together when it snowed earlier this week. When the snow all melted there was still a pretty big pile of it! The kids played on that pile.

Poor Sierra fell right as I was taking pictures!

Next up we went to Fred Meyer for groceries and the second we got there Everett had to pee. He’s never peed in a public bathroom before! He was terrified. He begged me to take him home but home would’ve taken another 30 minutes and I knew he’d pee his pants!
We were forced to face the scary potty (those darn loud flushes are terrifying for him!)
Luckily I had found this awesome product that is a giant toilet cover. I keep them in my backpack (which is what I use for a diaper bag) for outings like this one. You know if you have a toddler or preschooler sometimes when they sit on the toilet they basically hug it with their whole bodies because the toilet is SO much bigger than they are and then you get a kid who has touched like 90% of the surface area of a toilet in which a thousand people pooped all over? Sick. This solves that!

Poor Everett told me he was mad at me for taking him in there. I squatted down and gave him a pep talk before putting him on the potty and reassured him and he cheered up.

We went to look at the Christmas stuff. And I didn’t take any more pictures that day!

Me and Lyla

I got Lyla a new toy. Everett loves it, too!

I got two sets of baby gates to make a play area for Lyla because she is destroying the rest of the house and climbing on everything and almost killing herself. So far they like it. I breastfed her in there and she fell asleep! haha

I can’t remember what Ember was talking about but we were cracking up.

That night Sierra stayed up so late talking about her really lose tooth. Right around midnight she pulled it out! Then a while later she came back in and had pulled out a second tooth that had been wiggly!!

I’ve never known anyone in real life who has lost two teeth in one night!

Just Hanging out in My Room

Everett loves wearing his Paw Patrol costume, especially the hat from it! He also likes to put it on Lyla and Lyla loves when he does. Everett laughs and laughs and calls her Chase and she, giddy from the attention, smiles and struts around the room showing off.

Ember got an eyelash in her eye.

My phone is dead almost all the time because Lyla is obsessed with taking it off the charger and carrying it around the house.

This boy loves getting a chance to cuddle with me. Lyla usually pushes him off my lap and yells at him when he tries. He misses sitting on my lap 🙁

The First Snow of Winter 2017!!

My kids corrected me when I said that today when it snowed because it snowed in April of this year so… this wasn’t the first snow of 2017. I said okay fine, the first snow of this winter! But that doesn’t sound nearly as fun and everyone knows what I mean!

Despite that, we were ALL excited and surprised when it started snowing last night and even more excited to wake up to some having stuck around this morning and then even more surprised when it started snowing really hard and piling up and then still excited when it kept snowing and sticking around enough to even build a snowman! Whew!

The only problem was that we haven’t gone through our old winter stuff to see what still fits and what we need to buy so everything really warm is still in storage. Luckily all the kids got sweaters already so they at least had those but they were forced to use socks for mittens!

The boys wanted to play in the snow, too, but had less of a tolerance for the cold temperatures than the girls!

Sierra and Ember spent the most time out there today.

Ember came in with near frozen fingers as her socks weren’t cutting it. We came up with an idea to do a pair of socks covered in ziploc bags to keep the water out. She tried that out.

Problem was the snow just slid right off the bags so we put another pair of socks over the first pair and bags! That worked!

Poor Lyla desperately wanted to go outside!! She stood watching them for most of the day!! We’re going tomorrow to buy her a snowsuit so she can play outside, too!