A Very Busy and Fun Day!!

First thing we did is drop Brooklyn off at her library group. She looked so pretty in her new outfit that I asked her if I could take her picture. She was really excited about it because she’s thrilled with her sparkly top that was brand new.

As I took that we all noticed a squirrel standing behind her seemingly looking right at the camera, too!! We laughed our butts off at the squirrel “posing” for a picture with Brooklyn! It took off right after I’d snapped a few photos!

A quick group shot, too.

Brooklyn and Sierra are getting so grown up!! I photographed them walking together.

Once we’d taken Brooklyn in we decided to play outside for a while. The kids found an amazing tree they wanted to climb and Sierra shot a few pictures of me and the little ones before we went over there.

The kids wanted to stay there the whole time Brooklyn was in her group!

Everett couldn’t climb the tree but he was just as happy finding all the leaves on the ground and showing them to me.

Eventually I told the kids we needed to go to the post office while Brooklyn was still in her group so off we went. We were picking up a letter that was delivered without enough postage from the sender.

The letter was from my mom! I love that she sends the kids cute little letters and packages for ALL holidays. This was a Halloween card with a Halloween banner inside for us to hang on our mantel!

After opening that the kids wanted to climb the tree again and this time Lyla was awake so she ran around the whole time. And this time Everett was tired (tah-wode) so he rested in the stroller.

Brooklyn had made Halloween themed gingerbread houses in her activity. Hers looked awesome!

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