My Back Goes Out! Ouch!

I got a herniated disc. It is excruciatingly painful. After hurting for 4 days with it getting worse each day I decided to try out a chiropractor. I went to one before we went to Costco and it didn’t hurt but didn’t seem to help. Darn.
We went to Costco and had fun together.

Allan took the kids into a nearby Walgreen’s while I breastfed Lyla in the car. The kids were spending their allowance on Trolls toys.

I am so crooked 🙁

I laid down on the floor because I couldn’t bear to be up on my feet any longer in that pain and Lyla came over to play with my camera and then climb on me.

After resting at home for a while we made one more trip out, to Fred Meyer for the other things we needed.

I am so glad I took this picture of Ember’s stuff in the cart. She brings a variety of objects with her every time we run errands and she always has different ways of holding them. This week it was an empty playdoh container 🙂

Some of the things she bought with her allowance.

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