We got a new dishwasher!

Goodbye old one that has been giving us issues since we moved in!

While Allan was home with the plumbers installing the dishwasher I took the kids to McDonald’s. When we got home they played outside for a while.

My kids destroy their shoes and pants. I wonder why 😉

I got Allan a cheeseburger while we were out and he ate that on the porch swings while hanging out with the little three.

Allan and I just LOVE this next picture of Lyla.

Here’s the new dishwasher!

So happy to have this!

It took exactly no time before Lyla found the new dishwasher, too!

Allan headed off to work while I took the kids to their library group.

The kids got to make a variety of masks. It was SO FUN!

At home Everett tried one of his masks on his elephant, Blue Blue.

And Sierra and Ember showed me theirs for photos.

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