Picking Pumpkins!!!

A day we’ve all been excited for for months!! Picking our pumpkins! I was so glad Allan planted these and that they GREW!

Hanging out in my backyard isn’t my favorite thing anymore since Lyla’s been born because she either whines on my back or sprints away from me to get into everything she shouldn’t when we’re out there. I prefer to hang out in the front yard because there are less mud pits and spiders to deal with out there. But Allan really, really loves when I come check out his garden so I try to sometimes. I do love seeing all his vegetables grow and really look forward to next year when Lyla can run around to her heart’s content while we garden together.

It’s funny to me how vividly I remember playing with bugs as a kid and I remember being amused that my mom was grossed out by them and here I am grossed out by them while my kids love to have them as “pets.”

Me and all my girls!

I love watching my kids play. They are such awesome people.

And later on in the day, back inside.

And then like we always need to do as a family of 8, we went shopping. Ember spent some of her birthday money on treats!

And then we just hung out!

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