Ember Anya Turns 7!!

These first pictures are from when Ember got a birthday card from my mom!

The first thing we did on the day of Ember’s 7th birthday was our usual birthday tradition: McDonald’s happy meals for lunch!

Everett excitedly pointing out the toy he already has in the display.

The kids wanted to sit in those high tables so we ended up using 3 tables for the 7 of us!

They were excited because they wanted to get either the cellphone or camera in their meals and they did get the cellphone!

The kids have all always loved getting their own drinks and supplies. Everett is now old enough to join in and he LOVES being a part of the big kids ♥

Everett pretended to call Allan and had a good time telling him all about our trip to McDonald’s.

My kids were really into these cut out circles in the partial walls.

Lyla had some fries at McDonald’s and breastmilk once back in the car.

I took Ember to Fred Meyer to spend her birthday money!

Once home we got ready to celebrate!


Her presents!

Her cake. I took a picture before the Trolls were put on. Oops!

Ember playing with her new Harry Potter Hogwarts set. She LOVES Harry Potter.

What a big day!!!

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