A hike, Safeway, and Harry Potter!

Allan is still on his hike with Kevin. Me and the kids went on our own hike this day. The weather was perfect and the kids were really excited to go. This was the first time I had Everett walk on one of our hikes!! He was really excited about that and was skipping a lot in that excitement. He is so freaking cute!
Lyla, on the other hand, was just getting over a virus and was teething and was miserable! She was miserable at home as well so it’s not like the hike caused her misery… she just was miserable that whole week no matter what. Poor baby!

We haven’t been back to this particular hike in ages because it’s a bit further of a drive from our house but it is so worth it. It’s one of my favorite places!

I gave the kids new packages of film for their instax cameras and they enjoyed taking their own pictures on the hike. Most of my pictures from this trip were taken because they wanted to stop to photograph things 🙂

They each have albums that are the right size for their photos and they label their photos and take good care of their albums. It’s so cute!

Payson didn’t have a bag with him so he handed me his pictures to keep safe in my bag.

My kids saw somewhere that some people keep their developing photos in a dark place so Payson takes that very seriously and keeps his pictures in his pocket to develop. Or at home he stick them in a drawer in the living room. I love his interest and attention to detail with things he cares about ♥

He was climbing on a fallen log and fell off. He didn’t get too hurt but was covered in dirt. Before dusting it off I snapped a picture to remember.

Trees are my love language. Thanks, God.

My kids all love nature. One of their very favorite things is playing on logs.

All three of the older girls were taking a picture of the same thing and I had them pause to let me take this of them before they took their photos.

My view looking down.

This spot was one where quite a few of the kids took a picture. With the sun coming from behind the trees they’d each pose over where Ember is and have me use their cameras to take a picture of them. I also took a few with my camera! 🙂

Ember asked me to take a lot of pictures of her on this log. She was pretending to fall off and then she wanted jumping off pictures. I’m only posting one but I have at least a dozen 😉

Everett was still happy and excited about the whole experience and skipping and jumping along the trail.

We were walking downhill at this point and the big kids kept running ahead of me and Everett. This was as they were passing me on the trail below. I do have a rule that they have to be in my sight during hikes. They can go ahead (as long as there aren’t cliffs) as long as I can see them at all times. The other main hiking rule is no running when we’re going up and down hills/mountains.

Having fun with his shadow.

Used this fence to sit my camera on and got a group shot!

We made it back to the parking lot.

On the way home we stopped at Safeway for a couple things. Produce mostly.

Payson was trying to get Lyla to look at him to take a picture. The girls helped out by making silly sounds and faces to get her attention.

Ember helped me push the cart.

I love fruit and vegetables in the summer! So yummy!

I don’t let my kids ride under the cart because their fingers are at risk but they love to climb under there when we stop and hope that I don’t notice. haha! Stinkers!

Lyla loves when I let her hold items we’re buying in the store. I’m recovering from my germophobic ways of not letting her hold anything that strangers might’ve touched. haha! She was really into this box of cereal!

Payson and Ember are my two kids who love to climb all over the cart while shopping. They spend at least half of our trips climbing on and being told to climb off. haha!

These two are best friends!

Lyla pulling stuff out of the basket to hold.

Every time we go to Safeway Everett stops to look at this display of toy cars and ask for one.

And every single time we go to the store at least one of my kids climbs on these and gets told to get.off.

Lyla loves my lens cap.

We got home and turned on the third Harry Potter movie and had popcorn!

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