Picking Pumpkins!!!

A day we’ve all been excited for for months!! Picking our pumpkins! I was so glad Allan planted these and that they GREW!

Hanging out in my backyard isn’t my favorite thing anymore since Lyla’s been born because she either whines on my back or sprints away from me to get into everything she shouldn’t when we’re out there. I prefer to hang out in the front yard because there are less mud pits and spiders to deal with out there. But Allan really, really loves when I come check out his garden so I try to sometimes. I do love seeing all his vegetables grow and really look forward to next year when Lyla can run around to her heart’s content while we garden together.

It’s funny to me how vividly I remember playing with bugs as a kid and I remember being amused that my mom was grossed out by them and here I am grossed out by them while my kids love to have them as “pets.”

Me and all my girls!

I love watching my kids play. They are such awesome people.

And later on in the day, back inside.

And then like we always need to do as a family of 8, we went shopping. Ember spent some of her birthday money on treats!

And then we just hung out!


Guess what I noticed when we first got to the store? Crawling IN MY CAR right above my HEAD!?

Lyla had fallen asleep during the drive which is always so so nice to shop while she’s sleeping!

Everett was being all happy and cute.

We’d gone through the Sonic drive thru on the way over so everyone would be fed and happy while shopping. The kids got these planes in their kids’ meals and flew them all around the store.

Ember Anya Turns 7!!

These first pictures are from when Ember got a birthday card from my mom!

The first thing we did on the day of Ember’s 7th birthday was our usual birthday tradition: McDonald’s happy meals for lunch!

Everett excitedly pointing out the toy he already has in the display.

The kids wanted to sit in those high tables so we ended up using 3 tables for the 7 of us!

They were excited because they wanted to get either the cellphone or camera in their meals and they did get the cellphone!

The kids have all always loved getting their own drinks and supplies. Everett is now old enough to join in and he LOVES being a part of the big kids ♥

Everett pretended to call Allan and had a good time telling him all about our trip to McDonald’s.

My kids were really into these cut out circles in the partial walls.

Lyla had some fries at McDonald’s and breastmilk once back in the car.

I took Ember to Fred Meyer to spend her birthday money!

Once home we got ready to celebrate!


Her presents!

Her cake. I took a picture before the Trolls were put on. Oops!

Ember playing with her new Harry Potter Hogwarts set. She LOVES Harry Potter.

What a big day!!!

My Lens Came Back!

So my camera lens broke and I was naturally devastated and it took me months to decide to send it off for repair. It was painful to pay $400 for that repair. Ugh.
This was the day I dropped it off at FedEx and it went on its way to California! (The shipping alone was $47!! OWWW)

And this was a few weeks later when it finally came back!

I didn’t have a chance to try it out because I have kids. haha

We went to Office Max.

We checked the mail once we got home and I snapped some pictures of Brooklyn and Sierra for fun.

And then we went grocery shopping!

Another Sick Day

Hanging with my baby girls in the morning.

The only way on earth I can meet any of the needs I have to meet every day. ERGO LOVE.

I guess not sleeping for days and days and holding a baby 24/7 does a number on your body. My shoulder/neck area got so hurt I could barely move. I made a rice heat pack out of a sock and kept it on my shoulder.

Lyla was so cranky and I was so sore I finally gave up on making lunch and took the kids to McDonald’s instead. I was hoping the drive would put Lyla to sleep but it didn’t.

The kids were excited about their happy meals because the toys were from the ninjago movie and pretty fun!

Lyla wanted my lens cap and wanted to put it on my camera.

Why is McDonald’s so yummy?

One of Ember’s chicken nuggets was a two-for-one stuck together mutant nugget!

Lyla got a hold of Payson’s apple juice and was happily trying to drink from it (it was empty though) and that was a nice tiny break for me!

But then it was back to wanting mama and mama’s boobs!

I was trying ice for the pain since the heat didn’t work earlier.

The kids were playing on the ipad.

I realized it had been three days of that high fever and that it had broke and remembered that when Ember had baby measles as a baby she’d had that pattern and this was the day spots would appear if Lyla had baby measles so I checked and sure enough:

And here is Everett just being a cool dude.