We go to WalMart and my lens isn’t working well!

Lyla in the morning.

We go grocery shopping so often!
In this first picture you can see two of my kids’ favorite things on earth: lunchables and graham crackers.

When I go to WalMart I either put Lyla in the stroller or in the ergo to avoid having her ever come in contact with the carts. haha!
She got a nice nap during this shopping trip ♥

Brooklyn bought a Trolls set with her birthday money!

Sierra held Lyla while I tried to fix my camera lens.

And then Lyla wanted daddy!

I was playing with my 50mm lens since my 24-70mm lens wasn’t working. I was planning on sending my lens for a repair but wanted to make sure I had a working lens on hand for the few weeks my nice lens was in the shop… I couldn’t imagine living without a camera for 2 weeks! haha

Time for breastfeeding and a nap!

Taking My 2 Littlest 2 Safeway

Allan was home with the older four working in the backyard and I took Everett and Lyla grocery shopping at Safeway.
I went through the McDonald’s drive thru for a happy meal for Everett first since he was hungry. He LOVES happy meals and he was SUPER excited this day because they had Super Mario toys!!! He LOVES anything Mario. AND he got Yoshi which is exactly what he wanted!

I parked in the Safeway parking lot and breastfed Lyla. I brought Everett into the front passenger seat to eat his food up by me so we could hang out before shopping.

We had the MOST fun! We hung out and talked and listened to music and Everett played with everything you can possibly play with in the front of the car. It was the best.

Before shopping photo:

Lyla loves when I put my water bottle in the Safeway cart cup holder because she can sit there and suck on the lid. (For fellow germophobe moms: I’m a germophobe and wash my water bottles before I use them so, it was clean. haha!)

Everett picked out dozens of items he thought we should buy and it was so adorable listening to his reasoning. I asked him with each item he asked for why he wanted it and his little explanations were cute every time! I did purchase a few things he asked for, but not this cupcake stand.

He’s so good in stores and such a sweet kid. We spotted this Nemo beanie baby plush and I could NOT pass it up after our special Finding Dory experience at the dentist this summer.

Both kids fell asleep on the drive home and got nice little naps ♥


Everett has decided that climbing up on the TV stand all day every day is his favorite thing to do. I tell him to climb down every single time and he does. And then immediately climbs back up. There is no controlling a 3 year old!

Me and the kids played Uno.

Lyla did what she does always… ruins everything we do. haha!
She had fun though.

Notice her tears? Payson had taken cards from her that she was wrinkling up and that made her sad.

Sierra won the first game!

I’ve been looking into things to use to cosleep with Lyla in because sleeping on the bed is unsafe (she rolls off) and I tried this toddler tent. It worked okay except that it was uncomfortable for me because I didn’t fit!
I let the kids play in the tent since I don’t use it for sleeping.

Ember won the second game!

Brooklyn won the third game!

Payson won the fourth game!

And Brooklyn won the fifth game!

I asked Ember for a high five and when she held her hand up I jokingly said, “Hey, why are you showing five? You didn’t win the fifth game, Brooklyn did!”

So then the kids all goofed off holding up fingers about games they’d won.

The kids ask me so often to take dozens and dozens of pictures of them being silly and doing funny faces. We have hundreds and hundreds. I usually don’t post them but here are a few.

I spent a full hour putting Lyla to sleep for a nap. But then she slept for 45 minutes!

I didn’t take any more pictures today until bedtime. In the next picture Ember is picking out our nightly bedtime books on the kindle app. She picked mostly Berenstain Bears books tonight 🙂

Mostly Lyla and Everett in My Room

Lyla can climb up on my office chair now! Darn.



Everett sat in his toy box and it fell over and he cracked up.

Everett is obsessed with peanut butter. It’s his favorite food.

I cosleep with Lyla but she’s old enough to try to climb off the bed. I could put my mattress on the floor but I am afraid of hobo spiders since they have those here. They’ve never been in our house but I’m still afraid of them and so instead I bought this pop up mosquito net tent on Amazon and I sleep in here with Lyla. It keeps her from rolling away from me at night. If I manage to get her to sleep in there during the day I still have to sit on the bed next to her because without my weight on it she can push it off the bed. But anyway, this is the net I love!

My kids love playing board games and their favorite is Monopoly!


Everett loves that I hung up whiteboards for him and the other kids. He is over there at least once a day drawing.

His love of CDs is still going strong. He was trying to get the CDs to stay on the Elefun game while it was turned on.

Not going to lie, Lyla has been… just awful today. I feel like curling up in a ball and crying. She seriously has cried almost all day. She won’t let me put her down for one second.

Of course just as I type this I am holding her and stop every few seconds to cuddle her and she’s hugging and kissing me so sweetly!

Fun Hand Boilers!

All of my kids love looking at funny pictures of themselves and their siblings. They ask me constantly to zoom in on each others’ faces and they laugh and laugh.

Lyla doesn’t find it funny. Mommy not holding her means nothing is funny.

Cartoons in bed. Fun.

I bought a set of 4 hand boilers on Amazon for $7.99. They came and I gave them to the kids without telling them what was going to happen. It was AWESOME watching them be amazed at the fact that their HANDS could make the liquid boil.

Lyla loves my camera. She loves to put the lens cap on.

Lyla only ever naps in my arms.

How I make dinner:

Payson and Ember were asking me if they were so strong.