Everyone loves my room and we went to Costco again. Yes, again.

Can you tell Lyla got a hold of Everett’s chocolate milk?

I would guess I’m biased when I say she’s the cutest thing to walk the earth but with how many comments she gets when we go out I know I’m not. haha. She is SO CUTE!! And she has SO MUCH personality! I love this baby girl ♥♥♥

Everett LOVES to have his picture taken. If I have my camera out he asks for dozens of photos and if my camera isn’t out he is regularly begging, “Picture me, mom! Picture me!”

Same with Brooklyn. She doesn’t love me taking her picture without her knowing but LOVES to have her photo taken when she’s in the mood. Her preferred expression for photos is anything silly.

We went to Costco for more paper towels and milk and also just to eat pizza there. We got a few other things, too.

I love Costco carts. I wish every store had Costco carts.

Sierra always gets in the car last because she’s busy helping me. She offers every time we go to the store to help unload or hold Lyla or entertain Everett. She’s a naturally kind person like that.

And she got this picture of me with Lyla that I like. Those puzzles were something Ember begged for in the store that I couldn’t pass up. My kids LOVE puzzles.

Lyla was pointing at a dog that was sticking its head out of the back of the car parked next to us. The owner was watching me and the kids and complimented me and them on how good of a mom I was and how well behaved the kids were. He said that’s rare in this day and age. He called me young lady and miss and it made me laugh inside. I guess compared to him I’m young but I feel like I’m a 60 year old myself!

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