Mom and Kids Only

Allan left to go hiking with Kevin this week. It’s just me and the kids. Here are pictures from that first day.
Early morning, me and the girls watched Good Mythical Morning together.

Lyla breastfed and slept in my arms.

And then woke up.

And spent some time with her big sisters.

And played with magna tiles.

And cuddled with mom.

Payson pretended to talk on a phone.

He was really into this face he was doing. haha!

We went to Costco to stock up on food for the week.

Lyla had a huge blowout diaper in the car so I used the stroller to hold her in hopes that the fact that she was only in a diaper would be less noticeable.

Everett brings Blue Blue everywhere we go.

The way he eats his pizza if I don’t cut it is so cute.

Lyla was really cranky at this point because she wanted me to hold her but I didn’t want to stand up with her in a diaper for everyone to look at so I let her climb in the stroller while I watched her. She liked that.

Before heading home.

When we got home Sierra worked on her school work.

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