We go to WalMart and my lens isn’t working well!

Lyla in the morning.

We go grocery shopping so often!
In this first picture you can see two of my kids’ favorite things on earth: lunchables and graham crackers.

When I go to WalMart I either put Lyla in the stroller or in the ergo to avoid having her ever come in contact with the carts. haha!
She got a nice nap during this shopping trip ♥

Brooklyn bought a Trolls set with her birthday money!

Sierra held Lyla while I tried to fix my camera lens.

And then Lyla wanted daddy!

I was playing with my 50mm lens since my 24-70mm lens wasn’t working. I was planning on sending my lens for a repair but wanted to make sure I had a working lens on hand for the few weeks my nice lens was in the shop… I couldn’t imagine living without a camera for 2 weeks! haha

Time for breastfeeding and a nap!

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