Mostly Lyla and Everett in My Room

Lyla can climb up on my office chair now! Darn.



Everett sat in his toy box and it fell over and he cracked up.

Everett is obsessed with peanut butter. It’s his favorite food.

I cosleep with Lyla but she’s old enough to try to climb off the bed. I could put my mattress on the floor but I am afraid of hobo spiders since they have those here. They’ve never been in our house but I’m still afraid of them and so instead I bought this pop up mosquito net tent on Amazon and I sleep in here with Lyla. It keeps her from rolling away from me at night. If I manage to get her to sleep in there during the day I still have to sit on the bed next to her because without my weight on it she can push it off the bed. But anyway, this is the net I love!

My kids love playing board games and their favorite is Monopoly!

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