Everett Got a Haircut and Became CD Boy!

Everett decided recently that he hates haircuts so I’ve just been letting his hair go. But it was getting so long it was a bit unkempt looking at all times… I finally sat him down and gave him a trim.

He loves pretending to be a puppy.

He founds a container of blank CDs and DVDs recently and for some reason loves them! He carries them around everywhere and plays with them. He stacks them and then lines them up on the ground or on the table. He even put a huge stack in his Paw Patrol lunchbox and carries it around. haha. It’s so unexpected but adorable!
I put some on his fingers like this and he said he was CD boy!

I wanted a timer picture with him and had set up the tripod and then let Everett takes pictures with the remote while I changed Lyla.

A little while later I pulled my camera out again to capture this moment. He was using the net from the Elefun game as a toy and looked funny. Lyla thought it was hilarious!

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