Chatbooks Review!

Before I start let me tell you what my review isn’t. It isn’t an in depth look at the quality of these photo books when used as the primary source of memory keeping for a person who uses Instagram to record the bulk of their experiences/memories.
What it is. A simple review from a casual Instagram user who is printing these books as an additional memory book to her primary source of memory keeping, which is a scrapbooking.
Simply: I scrapbook using Project Life and that is plenty enough to record my family’s memories but I also use Instagram occasionally for little things that never make it in my scrapbooks and it’s fun to have these little books, too!

So why did I even bother printing my Instagram photos if I am totally satisfied with scrapbooking?
Well, a clever ad for Chatbooks is truly what got me to want to try them! A video was shared on my Facebook that made me nod and laugh, I even replayed it! I’m guessing you’ve all seen it since it’s so popular!

I saw the ad and immediately went and looked at the site and planned on eventually ordering. Eventually meaning- as soon as I went back through my Instagram account and changed my captions to make them appropriate for my kids to read. haha!
So I fixed up and edited a lot of my old captions and then ordered a series! Luckily it took me a few weeks to fix my captions because they came out with these beautiful floral Rifle Paper Co. covers right when I ordered!
The floral covers were $2 extra per book but worth every penny! They are gorgeous!

Every 60 Instagram photos you have get a book. They label them by Volume number and date which I love so freaking much! Easy to keep them organized and also easy to find a memory you want to look at by date!

Here are a couple of the inside pages.

Honestly the quality isn’t my favorite. I have better quality Instagram and phone prints when I use Costco to print.
Having said that, it’s not stopping me from ordering through Chatbooks because everything about Chatbooks is easier to use for printing and, Chatbooks are affordable! $8 per book and they often have sales and coupon codes. I got my entire collection for $88. That’s 11 books at $8 a book plus the $2 extra for the floral covers. The reason it wasn’t $110 is I had a coupon for 20% off.

The day the books came in the mail every single one of my kids sat down to look through them. The older four kids went through the books in order and looked at every picture and read all the captions. It was so sweet to see them enjoy the photos I took and their memories and ALL I had to do was go on the Chatbooks site and log in with my Instagram account!! That’s it. How can it be any easier?!

So there it is, my simple review. I love these Chatbooks and plan on ordering them regularly. I signed up for the autorenewal option which will send me a new book every time I have 60 new photos on Instagram. You can also change the title of your books. Ours is our family’s last name 🙂

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  • I want to do that too. Those ARE beautiful! You know how much I love flower anything. What a fantastic idea. Thx for an honest review… missing you ??????

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