Brooklyn’s 14th Birthday!

The first thing we did that day was go to the store to get her a cake. She picked out this one in her favorites colors, green and purple:

I noticed a bunch of kids wearing these animal masks when we were walking and hoped my kids wouldn’t notice them and share the potential for lice. haha! (I know that’s a terrible thought but I can’t help it, I’m afraid of lice. We’ve never had it but I dread it with 6 kids, 2 of which having very long, thick hair!) but they of course noticed them immediately and spent a while playing around with them on. They were so funny I’m thinking about buying some for Christmas!

Lyla cried almost the entire trip as she does for almost every errand we run. She kept asking to breastfeed but I couldn’t yet so I desperately gave her a lollipop in hopes I’d have just a couple minutes more to pay. She played with it for a few seconds and then threw it on the ground.

My mom called Brooklyn earlier that morning to wish her a happy birthday but Brooklyn had slept in so she sent her a video message. Brooklyn LOVED it!

We got home and I quickly set up and then we waited for Allan to get home!

While I set up she was upstairs playing with Sierra and came down with stickers on her face. haha! I love the arrow pointing down at her face like, here’s the birthday girl!

This is my favorite picture of her from her birthday ♥

Cake time!

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