Going to Toys R Us to Spend Brooklyn’s Birthday Money!

Brooklyn wanted to go to Toys R Us to spend her birthday money. She was hopeful she’d find some fun Trolls toys!
I almost never wear lipstick so Lyla was really intrigued by my bright lips that day!

Brooklyn found so many toys she liked!! She had a hard time narrowing it down. Good problem to have, huh?

Payson LOVES the Smurfs and especially Grouchy Smurf. He pretends to be Grouchy Smurf all the time!

My kids have always loved giant plush toys. They would love if I bought one but I can’t make myself do it. A GIANT, uncleanable toy?? Just no. haha

They love to play with them in stores, though, and it always makes me stop and consider buying one.

Laughing at mom 🙂

Brooklyn with what she chose to spend her money on!

We stopped at a nature trail on the way home.

She turns 14 TOMORROW!!!

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