Sweet Sleeping Baby

If Sierra is ever scared at night I let her sleep in my room. Lyla finds her on those mornings and goes over to cuddle. She LOVES her big sister!

Everett was watching Animal Mechanicals and having some milk.

I played with my new camera a little bit.

Lyla takes all of her naps in my arms.

I have Payson an extra poster board and he colored this amazing picture! I love it!

I started watching the Harry Potter series with the kids! I always had to sit by Payson and Ember (I ended up moving everyone around to sit between them) so I could cover their eyes during the scary parts!

New Camera First Photos!

I set up the foot of my bed to be a little play area for Lyla. She loves it!

After getting ready for the day.

She loves her new puzzle.

Ember came in while I was taking pictures so I snapped a few with her.

I got a new camera, a Canon 80d, and played with it with Lyla. She loved that she could see herself on the screen while we took pictures!

Lyla Goes to the Doctor for Raspy Breathing

Lyla got a sickness of some sort that caused her to have a really raspy breathing. She sounded like she had a really bad virus but her only symptom was raspy breathing and struggling to breathe at night. Not knowing what the heck was going on I took her in to her doctor who said it was most likely a mild virus that was harder for Lyla to handle because Lyla seems to have allergies.
So the diagnosis at this point is allergies that we’ll keep an eye on, but they’re not sure. That’s basically their best guess.

Everyone loves my room and we went to Costco again. Yes, again.

Can you tell Lyla got a hold of Everett’s chocolate milk?

I would guess I’m biased when I say she’s the cutest thing to walk the earth but with how many comments she gets when we go out I know I’m not. haha. She is SO CUTE!! And she has SO MUCH personality! I love this baby girl ♥♥♥

Everett LOVES to have his picture taken. If I have my camera out he asks for dozens of photos and if my camera isn’t out he is regularly begging, “Picture me, mom! Picture me!”

Same with Brooklyn. She doesn’t love me taking her picture without her knowing but LOVES to have her photo taken when she’s in the mood. Her preferred expression for photos is anything silly.

We went to Costco for more paper towels and milk and also just to eat pizza there. We got a few other things, too.

I love Costco carts. I wish every store had Costco carts.

Sierra always gets in the car last because she’s busy helping me. She offers every time we go to the store to help unload or hold Lyla or entertain Everett. She’s a naturally kind person like that.

And she got this picture of me with Lyla that I like. Those puzzles were something Ember begged for in the store that I couldn’t pass up. My kids LOVE puzzles.

Lyla was pointing at a dog that was sticking its head out of the back of the car parked next to us. The owner was watching me and the kids and complimented me and them on how good of a mom I was and how well behaved the kids were. He said that’s rare in this day and age. He called me young lady and miss and it made me laugh inside. I guess compared to him I’m young but I feel like I’m a 60 year old myself!

Mom and Kids Only

Allan left to go hiking with Kevin this week. It’s just me and the kids. Here are pictures from that first day.
Early morning, me and the girls watched Good Mythical Morning together.

Lyla breastfed and slept in my arms.

And then woke up.

And spent some time with her big sisters.

And played with magna tiles.

And cuddled with mom.

Payson pretended to talk on a phone.

He was really into this face he was doing. haha!

We went to Costco to stock up on food for the week.

Lyla had a huge blowout diaper in the car so I used the stroller to hold her in hopes that the fact that she was only in a diaper would be less noticeable.

Everett brings Blue Blue everywhere we go.

The way he eats his pizza if I don’t cut it is so cute.

Lyla was really cranky at this point because she wanted me to hold her but I didn’t want to stand up with her in a diaper for everyone to look at so I let her climb in the stroller while I watched her. She liked that.

Before heading home.

When we got home Sierra worked on her school work.