Happy 9th Birthday, Payson!

I feel like this with most birthdays but especially Payson’s 9th: I can’t believe Payson is 9 years old!!! Half way to adulthood!! What?!

9 years ago:

And right now!

My kids are still very into Trolls so we did some Trolls themed stuff. I made up this idea for his cake at Walmart, just got toys and candy that seemed like they’d do well. Allan picked out the bright yellow frosting to match the bright yellow of Payson’s favorite Troll. Payson loved it.

I got the kids Trolls goody bags. They loved those things, worth every penny.

Two new Trolls for Payson. We had to order these on ebay for $7 each because we couldn’t find them in stores. The skitter boards didn’t come with them, they came with the toys for his cake, but he loved having them!

He named that new yellow Troll he’s holding ‘Disco’ and it was so cute that he had him blow out the candles with him 🙂

After opening presents and eating cake we went outside to play.

Ember and Everett love their new big wheel! They fight over it every day, though!

Payson got a big pack of Care Bears because my kids LOVE Care Bears and he let each of his siblings play with one.

These next two pictures were from the next day. Payson got a birthday card from his grandma.

He was really excited about it!

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