Everett at the Doctor, Lyla is 11 Months, and Payson Pulls a Radish!

Everett had a doctor appointment and oh my goodness was he excited about it! He loved all the attention and meeting the nurses and doctor and being weighed and measured and checked out! He was in heaven!

I made a vlog of this day that I’ll put on my youtube channel soon. My youtube channel link is on the top right of this blog.
Lyla had milk in the parking lot after the appointment.

When we got home I quickly did her 11 month photos! She had a blast out in the grass with me πŸ™‚

The boys and Lyla were hanging out in the backyard that evening with me and Allan.

Payson got to pull the first vegetable of the year! Of course those awesome, easy radishes!

  Lyla napped on my back.

And Everett asked me to blow bubbles with him. I love that he not only loves to blow bubbles but wants me to do it with him πŸ™‚

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