Shoe Shopping for Sierra!

Sierra has long outgrown her shoes and we’ve been trying to find her a new pair! This isn’t the first shopping trip searching. It is almost impossible to find her shoes that work with her toe walking. We still didn’t find a pair this time, either!

Every time we go shoe shopping Ember brings me baby shoes for Lyla. She is so into it I feel a little guilty looking at the pictures that I haven’t bought any of them! But Lyla doesn’t walk yet so there’s no need for shoes! As soon as Lyla walks well I’ll let Ember be the one to pick her first pair of walking shoes!

Next I took the little three kids to Target with me to buy some toys for Payson’s upcoming birthday! Ember was excited to point out every single toy she thought Payson would like!

She found this mask and suggested it, tried it on, and when she did a “Spiderman pose” this is what she did: just like when she was 2, pointed a finger!! Made me sentimental. Boy do I miss 2 year old Ember. So thankful for 6 year old Ember though!

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