Lyla Nicole is 10 Months Old!

Because she’s into everything I used some random stuff to close off a little area for her to safely play in. The kids started calling it Lyla’s cage. That felt sad. haha!

We went to Costco because we basically part time live there.

The kids bring their trolls toys everywhere. Trolls obsession still going strong!

Everett was super cranky and whining like crazy so to distract him I pointed to the sun on the box behind the kids in the next photo and said, “Hey, say high to Miss Sunny!”
It was so random he burst out laughing and they all said hi, Miss Sunny, and were laughing. Ever since this day when we go to Costco they all point out and say hi to Miss Sunny. haha

Lyla was telling me she was ready to get out of her carseat.

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