Going to the Dentist!

Almost 2 weeks ago I had a crown replaced and it’s hurt like crazy ever since. It seems to be getting worse, too. For the first time in years I took tylenol to ease the pain! I finally scheduled an appointment and my dentist adjusted my bite. I hope that was the cause of the pain, if not I might need a root canal and that would suck!
Allan couldn’t get work off so I had to take all six kids with me to my appointment. They were well behaved in the office, thankfully.
It was so pretty outside that when we walked outside we decided to go for a walk. Everett tripped and fell right away which was super sad. I asked him if he wanted to go home and clean his knees up but he was so desperate to run around he said no.

Ember is such a nurturing little girl. She gets really worried when people get hurt and wants to rush over to comfort them.

Before the walk!

The kids spotted this area and wanted to run up and down the little hills.

Ember asked me to hold her stuff and I asked her for a hug. We were both happy to oblige 🙂

Everett brings me flowers and leaves and sticks any time we go on walks. He’s such a sweetie!! ♥

The kids asked me to take pictures and videos of them rolling down the hill. They were cracking up! In the next picture Payson had (accidentally of course) kicked Sierra right in the head as they rolled down the hill!

Payson found a roly poly bug and asked to keep it for a pet. I said he could and he carried it on our walk with us, brought it in the car, took it outside with a tupperware container and gave it sticks and grass and leaves and… it died shortly after 🙁
Lyla was just a bit chilly so Ember let me use her sweater to cover her legs.

Back at home Everett got a granola bar while I cleaned up his knees and gave him bandaids.

Then we had lunchables because they’re quick and it’d been a busy (and stressful for me!) day so far!

A Mom of 6’s Life= CLEANING!

My favorite laundry soap is Molly’s Suds. I get mine on Amazon.

I keep cleaning products in each bathroom so that I don’t have to run to one bathroom across the house to grab something. Almost all the time I’m wearing Lyla and saving time by staying in one bathroom with everything I need right there is nice.

I hang my spray bottles up in my laundry room closet to save shelf space above.

Two of the things I use a lot. A spray bottle with my floor cleaner and Meyer’s all purpose cleaner.

Cleaning put her to sleep.

Then it was time for grocery shopping. If I’m not cleaning I’m buying food or cooking food! Or breastfeeding or changing diapers. haha

Everett LOVES sample day at Costco!