Our Easter

I told Everett about Easter this year and he listened with his eyes getting wider and wider with each new detail. He doesn’t remember Easter from last year so this was brand new information to his mind and he was very into it. He talked about Easter a lot leading up to the morning. He was the first one awake and insisted on waking up the rest of the family. He had no desire to gather with the rest of the kids and wait to walk into the living room together, nope, he ran out first thing and started looking through his Easter basket!

So I put the couple things he’d pulled out back in for a quick photo shoot of their baskets for their albums. It was worth the ten seconds I took to have these recorded. haha






And then, the fun! Candy breakfast! 😉

I’m glad I thought to snap this group picture. It makes me happy.

Then Allan hid all the Easter eggs and we had our egg hunt!

My mom sent a package of Easter egg hunt markers. They really added fun to the egg hunt!

Normally we dye eggs the day before Easter but I hadn’t boiled the eggs in time so we did them after the morning festivities!

And that was our Easter!

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