Walk Down to the Neighborhood Park

The kids brought their new bubbles on the walk.

Lyla loves bubbles so Ember was trying to blow them for her. She got a little close!

My mom sent a bubble necklace for Lyla too, and that meant I got one! If you know me well you know I’m a little (lot) obsessed with bubbles and was pretty excited about it. haha

We weren’t originally planning on going to the playground but when we walked past Payson asked if we could go so I said yes. We haven’t been to a park for a long time so it was like brand new for Everett. He was SO excited!! My heart felt like exploding watching him experience what he immediately decided, and still believes, is the funnest thing on the face of the earth! 🙂

Lyla was in a good mood then which was perfect for me to be able to play with Everett on the playground for a while, she just sat in the stroller smiling and laughing at everyone.

Then time for some swing fun.

Everett was nervous on the swing and did not want to go fast at all. He liked the most gentle push on the swing I could muster. Lyla on the other hand, LOOOOOVED the swing. LOVED it! She smiled so big and didn’t stop giggling for a long time! Ember wanted a turn to push her baby sister so I let her. Lyla’s excited encouraged Ember to push her more and more… she pushed her way faster than I ever would’ve and Lyla just laughed even harder over it! haha! I had to tell Ember, I know Lyla is laughing and loving it but still be gentle. I had to tell her a couple times because they were having such a good time together!

At this point Lyla didn’t want to go back in the stroller so I held her the rest of the time.

This next picture is funny because I took a group shot and a little girl that had been playing with Ember yells over, “Wait, wait, I’m coming!” and ran up and stood in the line like she needed to be a part of the photo. haha! What a cutie!

And then we walked home!

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