Lyla Nicole is 9 Months Old!

This month Lyla acted similar to last month but with more gusto! She screams loudly anytime anyone leaves a room. She hates being left behind by anyone for any reason. She speed crawls everywhere, there is no leisurely movement with Lyla! She speed crawls everywhere and hits everything and everyone and likes to make a lot of noise. Yelling is her favorite. It’s not crying, it’s not baby talking, it’s yelling! It cracks us up.
She got her second tooth!
She will wave back when you wave to her and say hi. She doesn’t wave like we do but she puts her hand in the air and moves her arm around. It’s so cute!
She has become just so shy around strangers. If we’re in the store and someone talks to her she stares at them intensely without even blinking it seems like! haha. Someone smiles and says hi and baby talks to her or whatever and she just sits there staring. Not moving. She LOVES observing people. She loves observing everything!! She is such a curious baby! She wants to watch everything around her and if she gets a chance to touch stuff (or her favorite, smack stuff) she is even happier.
She still cosleeps. She’s still exclusively breastfed and she’s still tearing apart my entire body with her little dagger claw nails. Ugh. She’s just like Ember was and sits there just pinching and scratching and slapping and hurting me every nursing session! I try nursing necklaces sometimes and they work somewhat. The problem is she just wants to pull them as hard as she can until they snap off and then she plays with them for a second before throwing them. And then she’s back to scratching and pinching me! I’ve started wearing certain shirts of mine that cover as much skin as possible and only exposing just enough boob for her to latch onto so that I’m protected but she STILL purposefully slides her hands into anywhere she can reach to scratch!
But she is also so sweet and LOVES people. She is such a loving baby. She is happiest when her whole family is around and playing with her. She loves getting attention and she loves interacting with me, Allan, and all her siblings.


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