The little three play with some preschool stuff.


Sierra gets ready for church.
She and Allan are the only ones who go to church.

Hanging out with Lyla on my bed.

She follows me into the bathroom. Most of the time she sits in there and cries hysterically until I finish peeing and washing my hands and pick her up!

Peanut Butter To Clean Crayon Off Screens

I’ve blogged about using peanut butter to wash crayon off of a TV screen back on my old blog. When Everett recently colored with crayon all over my laptop I grabbed our jar of peanut butter and a paper towel and literally a minute later… totally clean screen! Peanut butter is awesome!
I was so thrilled with the result I made a simple little image to post. I love adding stuff like this to my blog. I put stuff like this is my scrapbooks, too. It makes me happy.