Road Trip to Washington part 2!

We went back to Washington for my dad’s surgery. (Wednesday, March 29)

By this trip I was an expert packer! I was really proud of how well I packed for the trip. And I didn’t forget a thing! For 7 people! I have to compliment myself when I can since I easily spend my days tearing myself apart for my failures 😉

Heading off!

Lyla had a huge blowout diaper all over her and me in the car on the way there!! I remember sitting there like, how the heck do I even manage this right now!? We both need a bath and we’re in the middle of a road trip! I managed thanks to a hundred wipes and an outfit change for her.

This is the next morning in the hotel. (Thursday, March 30)

Breakfast in the hotel.

Because we weren’t going to stay for a long time this trip we met up with my mom that morning before going to the hospital to see my dad. Lyla by this time was really starting to warm up to her family and she loved sitting with grandma! So cute!!

Grandma had craft stuff again and my kids made themselves right at home! haha

Thank goodness for google maps on my phone. It was really difficult finding the hospital where my dad was having surgery.

I breastfed Lyla in the car again.

I didn’t take many pictures in the hospital, in fact I only snapped some at the end before we went home. It was a very emotional time for me. I might’ve even went to the parking garage at one point to have a total breakdown and cry by my car.

I asked Allan to get a picture of me with my brothers. We were the only three still there and I kicked myself a bit for not getting a picture with my sisters when they were there. They’d been there all day.

And then we went back to the parking garage to head home. The kids liked the escalators. haha

Goodbye, Seattle.

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