My 34th Birthday!

My birthday was like any other day. Home taking care of my kids.

Allan got steaks for my birthday, though! Here he is BBQing.

I know what I want for every birthday. In material things and non-material things. haha! I can get myself presents but what I REALLY want from the people in my life are photos. I would be most happy if every birthday I get a picture of me with all my kids.

We’ve been meaning to start Lyla on solids… I was waiting until she looked really ready. I basically watch my baby’s cues for signs of readiness. She was just about to turn 9 months old and was starting to watch intently as we ate and opening her mouth willingly when I give her her probiotics so I gave her an apple slice this day (I’m a fan of starting kids on real foods with real textures) to see if she’d suck on it. She didn’t even put it in her mouth once! She’s not the type of baby to put anything in her mouth (I know, lucky me!) so she just didn’t even try!

She’s had a tooth for almost a month now but this was the very first time I got a good picture of it!

Payson and Ember were trying to build big towers of magna tiles but Lyla kept coming over and ruining them. It wasn’t just bad that she was wrecking their towers, those towers when they fall pack a huge beating! It’s dangerous to let them fall on her head. So the kids build a fort out of toys and things around the living room to keep her away. It worked but Lyla sat beside it yelling at them the whole time. haha

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