The Day After We Came Home From WA.

After spending so much time in the car and new places we had a really leisurely morning letting the kids play calmly. Not that they were calm, I don’t think my kids are ever calm, just that their environment was calm and predictable.

Everett put together some puzzles while Lyla stole the pieces.

Lyla loves playing peek-a-boo!!

She was laughing in this next series because I was tickling her. She is very ticklish!

We needed groceries so we went to Costco. It was raining.

Allan playing Everett’s favorite grocery shopping game. Everett pulls off Allan’s hands from the cart and Allan says, “Oh no, don’t, oh no!” (or something like that) and when his last finger is pushed off he acts like he goes falling off and flies backward. It cracks Everett up so much!

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