St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do a whole lot for St. Patrick’s Day. I printed some coloring pages for the kids and we went to McDonald’s for lunch and got a large shamrock shake to share. We put on what green we own and drew shamrocks on our faces using washable marker and called it good. It was really simple but the kids had a blast. Payson pinched me first thing in the morning because I wasn’t wearing green yet. I was the only one in the family that got pinched.
Everett wanted a picture with Lyla when he saw Sierra getting one. Cute, huh? He also leaned over and kissed her without me telling him, too. And for once Lyla didn’t try to claw his face off. Lyla loves to claw people’s faces off. For love. She takes her little dagger nails and grabs you by both sides of the face and pulls your face to hers to lick and slobber all over you. It hurts, it’s slobbery, but it’s the best thing in the whole world! haha

Mmmm, shake.

Wearing Lyla while teaching homeschool. This is the only way I can homeschool. Or cook. Or clean. Or live.

I told Payson to come over and let me snap a picture before his shamrock totally smeared off. Everett wanted to be in the picture and when I told Payson to look slightly to the side to show his shamrock better, Everett tried too. And did this face. So cute!

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

  • Ember and Sierra look like they have such an amazing bond! Wow not sure if it’s the lighting or what but haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile have been reading since the girls were young did Sierra’s hair get darker with age ?! She used to be so blonde.. yes ? Anyways beautiful family you have and hope all is well. You are super mom 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Sierra’s hair *has* become darker! It seems to get a little darker every year she gets older!

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