For a Good Time: Costco

Costco is like our second home we’re there so often. Lyla falls asleep on the drive over and if we’re lucky she stays asleep when we move her carseat into the cart. That makes for a peaceful shopping trip though it also makes it difficult to find room for the food we buy! ha

Quite the crew! Can you see all the little trolls toys in my kids’ hands?

These two are best friends and spend lots of time playing together. While on errands isn’t the exception… they bring their trolls and play with them the whole time.

Most often we get food from the food court and eat it there. Today was so freaking busy in Costco we took our food outside. We sat these three in the back of the car to eat.

Before going home I ran into Target with only Lyla to grab a couple things. I probably spent like a full hour in there or more, though! I should NOT go to Target “for a second.”

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