Poor, Neglected Everett!

The kids had a lot of fun building forts in the living room.

Like always, Lyla was super cranky that day and so I wore her while cooking and cleaning. And that day Everett was super whiny and kept asking me to hold him. Poor thing has been so neglected because of how much time and attention Lyla demands 🙁

Later in the day I invited Everett into the kitchen to help me make cloth wipes solution.

I used to make it in a big glass bowl and that was a huge pain in the butt to pour into the wipes container because it spilled everywhere! I finally bought a giant glass measuring cup to make it in.

Pouring is a breeze now! Whew!

I also bought a tall kitchen garbage can to hold the wash bag I use. Ember walked in my room and noticed it and asked what it was for and I asked her, “What do you think?” She said, I know, dirty diapers! And pointed like this:

Lyla woke up from her ergo nap.

Me and the kids gathered around the computers. We like to watch Good Mythical Morning on youtube together every day.

Lyla kept trying to grab Everett’s binky.

Everett found some old stickers (like, years old) in my closet. They were Payson’s and they are spiderman stickers. He brought it to me to ask about it and I told him briefly about spiderman and showed him a youtube video of the old cartoon. Like, the old, old, original cartoon. He was delighted! He was enthralled! He talked about spiderman a lot and even practiced his spiderman moves. It reminded me of Payson and how he discovered spiderman all on his own and that’s a fun feeling. Watching your son delight in something in similar ways to your older son did at the same age, all on their own… it’s just FUN!

Then after the big kids went to bed me and Allan watched a movie together. Since we cosleep and since the TV is in our bedroom the little kids got to watch it with us. We were actually watching Moana! I’d bought it earlier that day for the kids and liked the little bits I saw so much I told him I wanted to watch it on my own and he agreed to watch it with me!

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