Wearing Lyla

It’s kinda funny how clingy Lyla is. She does not want me to put her down for even two seconds. When I’m not nursing her or playing with her she lives in a carrier. She loves it on my hip or on my back or chest… I show her what I’m doing and even if I’m not she just watches so intently! She LOVES watching and observing the world around her. She is very curious and always has this discerning expression. It’s just classic Lyla and I love it.
I was washing yet another cloth diaper load of laundry.

I love this super affordable drying rack I got on Amazon. It’s so much easier to use than having a giant wooden drying rack set up like I used to use when I cloth diapered my other babies!

And while I was doing that Ember and Everett were watching preschool shows on Amazon Prime. Or maybe playing on ABCmouse.com. I can’t remember which.

And hanging out in the recliner before bed.

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