All Lyla

Obviously the majority of my pictures are of Lyla. Babies don’t mind if you take thirty pictures of them a day.

I put her in the ergo while I make lunch. She giggles like crazy when I tickle her feet. She is my most ticklish baby 🙂

The only way she naps anymore is in the carrier. I get a lot of cooking and cleaning done when she needs a nap.

I always tell her cheerfully, “Good morning!!” when she wakes up, even if it’s 3pm.

After that long nap she got a new diaper.

She likes to play with this pile of diapers I have set aside to sell. They’re gdiapers which are stupid. I’ve been meaning to sell them since I bought them when Ember was a baby! Crazy, they just sit in my closet for years. I probably won’t even get around to selling them this year. They’ll likely be tossed back into the cloth diaper storage box when Lyla gets potty trained! haha

She started messing with her cloth diaper stash.

So I gave her some toys instead.

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