Making Batches of Stuff

First thing in the morning, diaper change.


Still the most played with toy I’ve ever purchased, magna tiles.

Someone showed me Cosmic Kids Yoga. We tried it and LOVED it!

And back to magna tiles!


I made cloth wipe solution for my cloth wipes. I don’t usually photograph the process (or basically anything anymore besides Lyla) but I wanted to add pictures to my “recipe” book so I did today.


Finished! This is the photo I’ll print for my book. Just simple, just to show the wipes so when I’m flipping through I don’t have to read titles, just find the picture 🙂


I also finally bought a bunch of jars to put my homemade deodorant in instead of an old cleaned-out deodorant stick. The recipe I use for deodorant just doesn’t work in a twist up stick.

Homemade deodorant is really easy to make. I just use baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and shea butter.


99% of the time Lyla is in the ergo on my back… I took her off and put her in Everett’s high chair to make lunch because my back was hurting by then.

I didn’t chop broccoli for my vegetable soup but that’s the song that comes to mind when I chop vegetables. She’s… chopping broccolay. (google “Dana Carvey chopping broccoli” if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

Here was the new batch of deodorant in a jar. It’s not as easy to put on as stick deodorant but I don’t care, my armpits don’t itch anymore! They haven’t itched in months since stopping using store-bought deodorant. This is the picture I’ll put in my recipe book.


While I was in the kitchen I also made a quick batch of homemade foaming soap and also photographed that for my recipe book.

And my favorite thing on the face of the earth, vegetable soup, is ready!


Everett was watching me in the kitchen eating toast and drinking his “hot chocolate milk.” I love that he calls it that no matter how many times he hears chocolate milk ♥

I also put a ham in the oven for dinner that night.

When Allan got home from work we pulled out some fun supplies we’d bought to make popsicle stick houses for the kids’ Trolls figures.

And Lyla was back on my back but not happy.

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